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Partner of the exhibition NIKOLA TESLA – MIND FROM THE FUTURE

Author hyper / Posted on: 06.10.2017.
Partner of the exhibition NIKOLA TESLA – MIND FROM THE FUTURE

We are partners of a multimedia exhibition NIKOLA TESLA - MIND FROM THE FUTURE in honour of Nikola Tesla, one of the world's greatest visionaries. The exhibition will be set up in Meštrović's pavilion in cooperation with the Croatian Society of Fine Artists (Hrvatsko društvo likovnih umjetnika), where the two greats of science and art will meet again. The great Meštrović will thus host Tesla at a spectacle that will surely bear the title of the greatest scientific and artistic event of the year. The exhibition will run from 25.11.2017 to 20.3.2018.

The joint collaboration of partners and sponsors and the top presentation will ensure a production and artistic sensation in the region and Europe.

Following the vision of Nikola Tesla, this experiential and futuristic spectacle represents ten years of work by world-renowned and award-winning author Helena Bulaja Madunić, as well as a group of international artists working in the field of science and art combining film, animation, video and technical innovation.


helenaHelena Bulaja Madunić is an artist, director and producer. She is a leading Croatian cross-media and multimedia expert with 22 years of experience working on international pioneering non-linear storytelling projects through her production and publishing companies Moje čarobne misli and Bulaja naklada. She is the first director and producer in Croatia to receive support from the European Agengy for the Promotion of Film Creativity for animated and documentary films. Her work has been reviewed in publications on the latest approaches to animated film and interactive storytelling and presented and awarded at over 100 international festivals, markets and fairs of animated and documentary film, multimedia and children's publishing on all continents.
'‘’In this exhibition we will take you on a mystical journey without beginning and end through Tesla's ideas, visions, inspiration and philosophical reflections that are the basis of the international multimedia work ‘Mechanical Figures - Inspired by Tesla’, which forms the backbone of the exhibition and which I have been working on for 11 years. In numerous international collaborations with academic, cultural, film, artistic, scientific and engineering platforms, I actively promote the philosophical aspect of Tesla's visionary approach to creativity, in which Tesla's inspiration for objective art is crucial in his specific approach to engineering and scientific work. They carry within them the answers to the key problems of modern society. The main message and goal of the exhibition is to pass on Tesla's energy of creation, primarily to young generations. My wish is to paint the space of Meštrović's pavilion with digital and interactive frescoes and create the impression of immersion in Tesla's dream using the latest technological achievements of video and light design in creating a multidimensional journey through the most important ‘stations' of Tesla's life in the context of film and entertainment in order to fulfill Tesla's last wish, by which he expressed the hope that in the near future someone will finally invent a projector from the head, and thus open a scientific chapter of a completely new understanding of man as a being immersed in cosmic consciousness.“ 



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