Tesla Cables Ltd

Tesla Cables Ltd is a young Croatian company established in 2013, specialising in the wholesale of all types of cables and wiring.

„Even wireless needs cables“

Our slogan "Even wireless needs cables" speaks of the presence of our cables in all major construction and similar projects realized in Croatia, and in recent years especially in projects related to the development of green and renewable energy sources.

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The largest cable group in Europe

Tesla cables d.o.o. as part of the Meinhart Group - the largest cable group in Europe


Exclusive distributor of Erse kablo

Tesla cables d.o.o. - exclusive distributor of the cable factory Erse kablo under the slogan "Be Safe with Tesla Cables" and "Go Green with Tesla Cables"


Significant increase in exports

A significant increase in export business and the share of exports in the business of Tesla kabeli d.o.o. through sales in more than 40 countries around the world


Tesla cables d.o.o. Serbia - opening of warehouses in Belgrade and Novi Sad



Tesla kabeli d.o.o., Serbia

Starting the business of our company Tesla kabeli d.o.o. in Serbia with headquarters in Belgrade


Tesla cables d.o.o. - exclusive distributor of the cable factory Eurocable Group Croatia



Tesla cables d.o.o. becomes part of the Meinhart Group

In 2014, our company Tesla kabeli d.o.o. becomes part of the Austrian cable group - Meinhart Group, which with its companies in Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic is currently the largest and most important cable group in Europe. With this merger, Tesla Cables becomes one of the most important distributors of cables in Croatia and countries from the region.


The company Tesla kabeli d.o.o. was founded with headquarters and central warehouse in Sveta Nedjelja




About the Company

Tesla Cables Ltd is a young Croatian company established in 2013, specialising in the wholesale of all types of cables and wiring.

Its product portfolio consists of the products of leading local and European cable manufacturers (such as: Eurocable Group d.d., Draka Prysmian, I.C.E.L.  Cavi, General Cable, La Triveneta Cavi, ICME Ecab, Hellenic Cables, ERSE Kablo, Waskönig+Walter, etc.).

Tesla Cables Ltd is located in Sveta Nedelja, Industrijska 20, near the Zagreb-Ljubljana motorway and the Zagreb bypass, providing customers with a simple and quick access to the distribution warehouse, and the company with quick access to all major roads leading to its end buyers.


Thanks to good logistics, and the experience and professional attitude of its employees while working with customers, the company can meet all demands from its customers.



The total volume of warehouse space amounts to 2,000 m2. Around 1,000 m2 is occupied by the high bay warehouse with 800 pallets. The remaining 1,000 m2 serves as an external warehouse for the storage of power cables on wooden drums.

Customers have access to the entire cable portfolio from our own stock in Sveta Nedelja, in the desired length and cross-section, guaranteeing the highest quality.

Distribution channels of Tesla kabeli d.o.o. cover markets in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.



Meinhart Holding GmbH was established in 1978 and is owned by the Meinhart family. It is located in St. Florian near Linz in Austria and spreads over 113,000 m2. The internal warehouse contains 7,500 pallets, and the external warehouse contains around13,000 drums, which makes Meinhart Holding GmbH one of the leading European cable storehouses.

Meinhart Kabel continously stocks between 6,000 to 8,000 tonnes of copper cables and 2,000 to 2,500 tonnes of aluminium cables, i.e. over 3,500 different products.The company employs 170 people with an annual turnover of 160 million Euro. It also owns a vehicle fleet consisting of 16 trucks which are used to daily dispatch goods to the Austrian market and neighbouring countries.


Presence in other countries

In 2014, Meinhart Holding GmbH started to intensively expand the company to neighbouring markets and by the end of 2014 its most extensive project was realised, a 75,000 m2 distribution warehouse in Germany. That same year Meinhart Holding GmbH expanded its business to central and eastern European markets, and acquired business shares in the companies VLG Hungary and VLG Romania, Allkabel Czech Republic and Tesla kabeli d.o.o. Croatia.

The main business activity of all firms in the Meinhart Holding GmbH group is the wholesale of cables and wiring, and their primary goal is to offer their customers a high quality service, professional access to the market and make the entire cable portfolio available at one location.


Tesla kabeli d.o.o.
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Tesla kabeli d.o.o.
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