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New marking

Author hyper / Posted on: 04.10.2017.
New marking

According to the relevant standard for YM cables, ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8242, a new marking is required from 1.1.2018.

YM cables will now be AT-N05VV-U for solid-wire conductors or AT-N05VV-R for multi-wire conductors.  Also, cross-sections that have a grounding wire are marked with „G“ and ones without are marked „x“



Old marking New marking

  • YM-J 3x1.5 AT-N05VV-U 3G1.5
  • YM-O 4x1.5 AT-N05VV-U 4X1.5
  • YM-J 5x10RM AT-N05VV-R 5G10


Introducing of new marking in Tesla cables d.o.o. starts on 02.10.2017 and will be conducted through:

Marking on cable itself, labels, ÖVE certificate, Declaration of Conformity, and Declaration of performance (DoP).

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