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Construction products regulation – CPR

Author hyper / Posted on: 24.05.2017.
Construction products regulation – CPR

Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 for the requirements for placing on the market and the movement of construction products within the European Union (Construction Products Regulation - CPR) is stipulated on 24 April 2011 and covers all construction products. Inside of regulation, cables are covered by norm EN EN 50575: 2014 + A1: 2016 - Power, signal and communication cables - General use of cables for building, subject to fire protection requirements and its mandatory application is foreseen on 1.7.2017. in all EU member states (for Croatia also stipulated in NN 36/2016).

The same standard EN 50575: 2014 + A1: 2016 details the steps for CE marking and depending on the cable behavior at burning, prescribes different steps.

PVC cables are generally classified as Eca class and are required to carry out fire tests in an authorized laboratory (must have at least EN 17025 certificate). Based on these tests, a Declaration of Performance may be issued.

For HFFR cables the situation is more complex, they can be B2ca, Cca and Dca (depending on burning results). Tests are conducted only in authorized laboratories that are registered in the Official Register of EU Authorized Authorities and they come to the inspection and carry out continuous monitoring of production and take samples and then give papers based on which Declaration of Performance may be issued.

In short, from 01.07.2017. on the EU market it will not be possible to place cables which according to CPR regulations do not have a Declaration of Performance and are not properly labeled. The exceptions are the those cables for which it can be said that they are not for general use during construction - eg welding cables, rolling stock, ship cables, etc. For these cables, a certificate of conformity according  to the Low Voltage Directive will still be issued.

It is important to note that fire resistant cables (NHXH E30, E90, JH (St) H E30-E90 etc) although under the general CPR regulation, can not yet be certified under CPR until an adequate harmonized standard is published in the EU. Namely, only EN 50575 – 'reaction in fire' has been released for the time being, while the cables listed above require a standard for fire resistance.

One of the most important changes is also that Italian producers since 01.07.2017. will no longer produce the FG7(O)R cable. Cable to replace it and which is in accordance with a CPR is FG16(O)R16.  On our web page you can find new data sheet.


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